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“My experiences with your technicians has been amazing for myself and my super as well. Their knowledge and ability to explain their concerns with us is exactly what we were looking for.”

AnonymousProperty Manager

““Stuart has always been very professional.””

AnonymousSenior Property Manager

““I for one am very pleased with all things being done by TRI-AIR. Rob does an excellent job troubleshooting and repairing all things under his umbrella. It is a pleasure to have Rob and your team on site looking after our issues. Wonderful work!! Rob always keeps us in the loop as far as communication goes. Thanks””

AnonymousChief Operating Engineer

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tri-Air. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Tri-Air in the capacity of Environmental Services in a Retirement Residence Facility.

Tri-Air has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Tri-Air Systems are definitely leaders in their profession. In addition to their excellent work ethic, project accomplishments and their high level of efficiency, they have proven their leadership ability by coordinating and assisting in projects and assignments within our Health and Wellness, Life Enrichment, Dietary as well with our Administration Departments.

Tri-Air has an aptitude for social interaction with everyone they encounters. Tri-Air Staff engage well with our seniors, our guests and family. Tri-Air Systems are dependable and team players. Their good judgment and positive outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all their endeavors.

I believe Tri-Air will be an asset to any organization who contracts them, and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.

JamesEnvironmental Services Manager

“I can honestly say Rob’s services have been outstanding, his knowledge and attention to detail are second to none.”

Long Term Care Facility

“Mr. Robert is the BEST!! He communicated with us both professionally & courteously (as always), and completed all required work in a timely manner.

Many kind thanks to him & everyone at Tri-Air!! :)”

Dr. Tse

“[Service was] really great. Richard was a pleasure. Where do you find all these nice guys to work so hard? :)”


“Tri-Air did an excellent job explaining everything clearly and answering every question”

“We are very satisfied with the attention to detail and thorough level of review and maintenance done to the building's equipment. I feel confident that arising issues will be handled promptly as well. Please let me know if you have any further questions.”

Property Manager

“Martin always does a good job of communicating any or no issues when he's on site.

He's very good at that.”


“TRI-AIR is at another level compared to the competition.”

Condominium Manager

“Your technician is a good representative for your firm. He communicated well and was very responsive to our needs.”


“Everything was great. He came in, introduced himself (we had met before) and went to work. He found a problem this time, sourced parts and got the problem fixed. Good sense of humor too.”


“Just thought I would share this (from a staff member) yesterday ....... kinda makes all the hard work worth it!“
“We love Paul, this morning we had heat!””

Staff Member

“Martin was punctual and managed to diagnose the issue with the Ecologizer unit. Our Ecologizer unit had been unable to properly extract the heat and smoke from the kitchen for several months. The next day Martin brought proper filters from the supplier and the kitchen was once again a safe and comfortable work environment.”


“Your techs are the bomb! They were able to pin point the problem extremely fast and had it fixed pretty quickly too. They are very professional and knowledgeable.”

Purchasing/Admin Manager

“My experiences with you technicians has been amazing for myself and my super as well. Their knowledge and ability to explain their concerns with us is exactly what we were looking for.”

Property Manager, Jan 2020

“Your company did an excellent job of servicing our commercial rooftop unit. You came in less than 24 hours of our call for no heat.

Commercial Property Owner, Jan 2020