Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance

Does your heat pump or fan coil need repair or maintenance?

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Our expert technicians, who service the Toronto and the GTA , can repair and provide maintenance to your condo buildings HVAC system.

Tri-Air is committed to providing you not only with emergency 24/7 service and repair, but also preventative maintenance for all of your condo buildings HVAC needs.

Our team is dedicated to servicing Toronto and GTA  condominiums with preventative HVAC maintenance on heat pumps, fan coils, cooling towers & chillers as well as boilers.

If you require commercial air conditioning services call us at (905) 470-2424 or fill out our contact form to receive a free on-site analysis of your condo buildings HVAC system!

Working With Tri-Air

As all condo building owners, or maintenance managers know, ensuring your HVAC systems are consistently functioning and running at peak performance is incredibly important.

At TRI-AIR Systems we place a major focus on quality of repair service and client care and we are second to none in the GTA in these aspects. When it comes to condominium HVAC services, our expert technicians at TRI-AIR Systems can deliver the highest quality of repair service and client care.

How can we help to repair or maintain your condo buildings HVAC system?

Our technicians are highly trained in repair and maintenance for all of the major issues revolving condo HVAC systems including but not limited to:

  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Boilers
  • Fan Coil repiar

As a family business with over 35 years experience in providing emergency service, repair, and preventative maintenance in the GTA, we’re committed to providing healthy air for all.

Learn more about our Condo HVAC services!

condo-building-in-GTAFREE On-Site Analysis
TRI-AIR Systems offers a FREE NO OBLIGATION on-site analysis by one of our highly skilled commercial HVAC technicians – designed to save you money

Honest Reporting
Should our team notice any vulnerabilities or issues with your commercial air conditioning, we’ll be sure to let you know right away and to offer solutions that will fix and help to maintain your system.

Expert Commercial HVAC Repair
Our team is fully trained to assess and repair a variety of commercial air conditioning issues. If you suspect you have an air conditioning problem, or notice your cool airflow isn’t working or turning on, give us a call today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance
We will solve your commercial HVAC problems and work with you to design a custom scheduled maintenance program to keep your equipment in peak working condition, minimizing operating costs.

Emergency Commercial Air Conditioning Repair
In addition to having a scheduled maintenance agreement, you will receive priority two-hour response time for any commercial air conditioning emergencies. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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If you’re in need of service and repair of your commercial air conditioning system, Call Now at (905) 470-2424. or fill out our contact form. We’re here to help!

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