Our technicians have excellent troubleshooting skills and knowledge of all types of specialized equipment through experience in servicing our public sector customers to include; recreational facilities, complete with arenas and swimming pools, to large office buildings,.

Many of our service agreements are for periods up to 5 years. We also have many long term customers with no term agreements that renew annually.  Some of our long term public sector customers are:

  • The City of Toronto has been using our services for the past 25 years,
  • Town of Whitby for two terms, one for 3 years and another for 2 years,
  • The City of Oshawa for 3 years,
  • The Town of Richmond Hill for 6 years,
  • York Region District School Board for 5 years,
  • The Municipality of Clarington for 19 years,
  • The Town of East Gwillimbury for 9 years

Some additional long term accounts:

  • Greyhound Bus Lines for 20 years
  • SNC – Lavalin Operations and Maintenance for 6 years
  • Genpak for 15 years
  • Meridian Credit Union (formerly Hepcoe) for 14 years.


We specialize in repair, maintenance and installation of all major manufactures, for example: Trane, Carrier, York, Keeprite, Engineered Air, Enmar, Spring Air Kitchen Exhaust, Nortec, Vulcan / Honeywell gas detection equipment, Reznor, Dryotron, Teledyne Laars, Lochinvar, De Dietrich, Viessmann, Unilux, RBI, Rheem Weil & McLain, Ray Pak, Hydrotherm, Cleaver Brooks, Fulton, Hurst, Delhi.

In general all of our service technicians are experienced in servicing:

  • Rooftop Heating/Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Multizone VVT & VAV Control Systems
  • Gas Fired Heating Equipment
  • Computer Room Environment Equipment
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
  • Refrigeration Systems (All Temperatures)
  • Boiler Systems (Hot Water & Steam)
  • Air Balancing
  • Chillers (Process & Air Conditioning)
  • Pumps & Valves
  • Cooling Towers (Wet & Dry) Pool Heating Systems
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Ventilation Actuators and Dampers
  • Air Driers
  • De-Humidification & Humidification Systems
  • Chemical Treatment of Water
  • Pneumatic & Building Control Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Critical Laboratory & Quality Control Systems
  • Gas Detection
  • Air Quality
  • Noise Solutions


We can provide testing and calibration of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emission sensors by our technicians.

If you currently have a gas detection system in place, a scheduled maintenance will reduce your monthly energy costs, extend the life of your exhaust equipment and provide proper air quality.  If you are operating your exhaust fans continuously to ensure gas levels are kept at a safe level, the installation of a gas detection system will help you conserve energy and save money. 

To ensure occupant safety and efficient operation of your gas detection system, we recommend scheduled maintenance.  As per federal, provincial and T.S.S.A recommendations, all gas detection systems require testing to provide an accurate measure of gas levels.  During maintenance, one of our qualified technicians will provide you with a service report detailing work completed, and a certificate of compliance validating the serviced components and conditions meet applicable regulations.


We have worked with our customers on incentive projects associated with Ontario Power Authority and Enbridge Gas to reduce customer costs by implementing Demand energy management and energy reduction.

We worked with Kraft Foods at their Dad’s and Peak Freans’ plants in Toronto to implement a Demand hydro energy installation with Regen’s Envirogrid controllers (Smart logic) to successfully reduce demand energy charges and reduce their hydro billing. Tri-Air Systems initiated this project and worked with Kraft Foods, Regen and Ontario Power Authority to put this program in place. Ontario Power Authority contributed to part of the overall cost of the project and the job’s outcome was very successful.

We worked with the Salvation Army to replace their old and inefficient hot water heating boiler with a more efficient boiler. The project was teamed with Enbridge Gas who provided an incentive towards the project cost.

We have experience in maintaining and repairing a geothermal heat pump loop system for Veridian in Ajax. A geothermal system is unique and it is essential to provide regular water treatment checks of the glycol loop and monitor the system to ensure there is no makeup water indicating a leak in the system.

To reduce natural gas consumption for our customer The Town of Whitby who recently required replacement of a natural gas furnace single stage 300,000 btu’s. Rather than replacing with same we went with a more energy efficient 2 stage system to reduce overall gas consumption and provide better temperature control with the 2 stage system.


All our technicians have completed mandatory training and also union training for their gas and refrigeration licenses.  In addition, over the years some of our technicians have completed the following manufacturers’ training specific to equipment they service as follows:

  • Engineered Air
  • TAC pneumatics
  • Lennox
  • Multi Stack Chillers
  • Carrier VVT systems
  • Canatal computer system AC
  • Copland advanced refrigeration training
  • Trane Rotary Chiller Service and Vulcain (Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide gas detection).

We are a Spring Air Systems Manufacturer representative and provide start up and warranty work for Spring Air systems.


We are experienced in installations of package rooftop systems, ductless split heat pumps, boilers, humidifiers, condensing units, air handlers, water cooled air conditioning, exhaust fans and chillers.


We also provide Air Quality testing for building levels of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide to ensure proper safety levels for your staff.