Tri-Air Systems can provide the following value added services to improve overall building comfort, efficiency and ensure exceptional operating costs.


We have been involved in retrofit and new equipment installations to reduce energy consumption and also hydro demand energy charges. We have worked with customers and been approved for incentives from Ontario Power Authority and Enbridge gas for our customers. To help in reducing your operating costs we will be sure any improvements required we will always take into account energy efficiency to reduce your operating costs. We will also work with organizations associated such as the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) & Enbridge Natural Gas with energy efficient equipment that qualify for incentive packages to offset your capital expenditures when implemented.


In many cases a buildings unique design brings on challenges that need to be addressed for building comfort and efficiency. We will always provide at no cost an onsite consultation by our General Manager or Supervisor to review your concerns and help in any way to resolve the problems.


Tri-Air Systems is a Qualified Applicant Representative under the Applicant Representative Initiative (ARI) with Toronto Hydro for the kilowatt reduction Retrofit Program. .

We have assisted companies in rebate programs through Enbridge and Ontario Hydro. When you wish to look into opportunities to reduce energy and upgrade equipment we will be able to assist in necessary documentation to qualify and receive rebates for equipment installations.


For our customers we appreciate the benefit of life cycle management of your equipment to avoid unnecessary continuous expenditures when equipment is nearing its time to replace and before major expenditures are required. To ensure the catch phrase “spending good money after bad” does not happen we will continuously update our equipment database to note the age of equipment and keep track of expenditures and advise to look into replacing equipment prior to the end of its typical life cycle. We will also identify minor problems and advise before a major repair is needed. We will consult with your management and review options to a future repair or equipment replacement so that the decision is in your best interest, keeping operating costs and downtime to a minimum.