Air Quality & Gas Detection

TRI-AIR SYSTEMS technicians are factory-trained and certified to service gas detection systems.  We provide testing, calibration, repairs and installations of gas detection systems.

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For your air quality & gas detection service needs, TRI-AIR Systems offers a FREE NO OBLIGATION proactive maintenance proposal by one of our highly skilled technical advisors – designed to save you money.

We will solve your air quality & gas detection problems and work with you to design a custom scheduled maintenance program to keep your air quality & gas detection equipment in peak working condition, minimizing operating costs.

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  • Indoor parking garages
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Battery rooms
  • Arenas
  • Swimming pools/Water treatment plants
  • Indoor air quality
  • Schools
  • Boiler rooms
  • Breweries
  • Medical equipment sterilization/Circuit board assembly
  • Laboratories
  • Wastewater treatment plants


Stand Alone


The product of years of research and innovative technological development,  the Vulcain 201M series is an advanced microprocessor-based system featuring a high quality stand-alone controller, a unique high-tech enclosure, and all the necessary characteristics to provide continuous, effective and fully integrated monitoring of toxic and combustible gases.

  • Two alarm levels
  • 2 high/low DPDT alarm relays
  • Built-in 65dbA audible alarm
  • Programmable time delays
Gases Detected

  • CO
  • NO 2
  • Combustibles
  • O 2
  • H 2
  • NO
  • R11
  • R12
  • R22
  • R134a
  • Dual gas detection: one on-board, one remote
  • 4 dedicated relays (2 per sensor)
  • Two alarm levels (low and high)
  • Built-in 65dbA audible alarm
  • Backlit LCD display available

Gases Detected

  • Built-in: CO
  • Remote Sensor: NO 2
  • C 3H 8


Daisy Chain Network

  • Backlit LCD display (122 x 32 dot matrix)
  • 65dbA audible alarm
  • 4 DPDT programmable relays
  • Up to 96 transmitters/relay modules (VA301R)
  • Up to 126 zoning groups
  • 768 programmable events
  • Straight forward, user-friendly field modifications
  • Datalogging (128Mb SDcard)
  • BACnet/Ethernet available (VA301BDCM)
  • BACnet/IP available
  • Industrial grade housing available (VA301CDS)

Transmitters & Monitors

VULCAIN INC., a world leader in gas detection for over three decades, has designed a series of gas detection products to meet or exceed safety requirements in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These transmitters and monitors can work in a network mode, or can be used in a stand-alone configuration offering 4-20mA and alarm relay outputs.

VA201T – Gases detected: CO, NO2, Combustibles, O2, H2S, Cl2, SO2, ETO, HCl, NO, HCN

VA301EM – Gases detected: R11, R12, R22, R123, R125, R134a – Blends, Toxics & Combustibles

VASQN8x – Gases detected: R11, R12, R22, R123, R125, R134a, CO, NO2, Combustibles, O2 & CO2

90DM3A – Gases detected: CO2

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