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Kitchen Exhaust Filter Supply

We only work with the best of the best products in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. That’s why, when it comes to commercial kitchen filtration and exhaust systems, we only offer high efficiency ecology filters.

We offer a variety of energy-saving restaurant exhaust filters for any commercial kitchen environment where grease extraction is required. Equipped to handle the pressures of any commercial kitchen, our restaurant filtration systems collect grease and dirt and are highly efficient – keeping your appliances and business ready to go!

If you require commercial kitchen exhaust services call us at (905) 470-2424 or fill out our contact form to receive a free proactive maintenance proposal for your kitchen ventilation systems or commercial kitchen exhaust system!

Filter Inserts

Should you require a restaurant filter exchange, we’re here to provide the product, service, and support you need. Our available filtration products include:

  • Pleated Pre-Filters
  • Grease-Resistant Fibreglass Pocket Bag Filters
  • Heat-Resistant ASHRAE Final Filters
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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance & Repairs

If you require maintenance, service, or repairs to your commercial kitchen exhaust system we’re here to help, we are available 24/7 serving Toronto and surrounding area.

Odour Control

When it comes to odour control within kitchen exhaust systems, we can also provide Pleated Filters with Activated Carbon Additive, Activated Carbon Filter Media, Activated Carbon Rigid Cell Filters, and Bulk Activated Carbon Media.

Certified By Spring Air Systems

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing service to our customers, Spring Air Systems has committed to utilizing TRI-AIR Systems for ongoing product service.

Spring Air Systems has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen exhaust hood, fans and control systems in North America since 1988.

Our technicians have been responsive and professional in representing Spring Air Systems products in the Greater Toronto area for more than 10 years.

View Our Spring Air Systems Letter of Recommendation here!

Proactive Maintenance Contract

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION proactive maintenance proposal for all commercial kitchen exhaust systems and restaurant filter exchanges. We understand how critical your commercial kitchen is to your business and we will develop a personalized maintenance plan customized to your unique requirements.

Still not convinced? Read our blog on “5 Reasons Preventative Maintenance For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans Is So Important” to learn more about our proactive maintenance program for commercial kitchen exhaust fans!

Contact us at 905-470-2424 to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION proactive maintenance proposal today!

Our professional and trained team will perform a thorough inspection of your kitchen exhaust system and will work to correct any issues and get your equipment running smoothly.

We provide filters through “cash and carry” or delivery – just ask us how!

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

At TRI-AIR Systems, our team specializes in Restaurant Exhaust Systems, Restaurant Exhaust Filters and other Kitchen Exhaust Systems (KES) as well as provides exceptional service and maintenance to a wide variety of commercial kitchens. We have extensive training on Spring Air Systems and we are Spring Air’s Factory Authorized Service Representative for the Greater Toronto Area.

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