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Fresh Aire UV Lighting

Sanuvox UV Air Purifier

UVMatrix 4X

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Pleated Air Filter

Pleated filters are ideal for commercial, residential, makeup air units and many industrial applications.

  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • MERV 8, 10, 11 & 13 rating
  • 1”,2”,4” depth.






Synthetic Pocket Air Filter

Synthetic pocket bag filters provide a combination of medium to high efficiency filtration and are ideal for using in multi-stage filtration systems. Used in Kitchen Ecology units and large air handling systems.

  • Available in standard and custom sizing.
  • Wide range of pocket configurations
  • Variety of MERV ratings.




Rigid Cell Filter

Wedge shaped pleats are incorporated in the design to maximize dust holding capacity and extended life of the filter. Ideal for final stage filtration in multistage HVAC systems, for hospitals, long term care homes, commercial kitchens, and buildings.

  • Various MERV ratings
  • Available in standard and custom sizing.
  • Various header configurations available.


Fresh-Aire UV Air Purifier

Introducing the most advanced air treatment system yet


TRI-AIR Systems provides excellent indoor air quality services

The APCO-X will revolutionize indoor air quality and has raised the bar within the UV lighting market. With significantly improved performance, functionality, and reliability, the new APCO-X provides you with:

  • V-Twin element with over 65% more effective carbon surface area
  • Is 33% more effective than the previous model in laboratory tests
  • EverCarbon™ cells with proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology
  • 3 year UV-C lamp
  • LED status and lamp fault indicator
  • Translucent polycarbonate housing
  • Face-plate rotates for vertical or horizontal installation


How APCO-X Works

The APCO-X is first off safe, effective and produces no harmful ozones.

APCO-X combines UV-C light and our proprietary EverCarbon™ cells to diminish odour-causing VOCs and biological contaminants safely.



Your basic air filtration is not enough

APCO-X and APCO-X Dual are your complete IAQ solution. APCO-X Dual includes a second UV-C light for additional HVAC coil disinfection.

Contact our experts, and we will take your UV Lighting beyond your expectations.


Sanuvox UV Air Purifier provides clean air for small multi-residential buildings

The P900GX is a portable air purifier weighing only 11 lbs. The variable speed blower of the P900GX moves the air into the reflective Aluminum Reaction Chamber so that the air travels parallel to the UV Lamp where the Dual Zone UVC/UVV (Germicidal/Oxidizing) Lamp destroys the biological and chemical contaminants. Easily transported and includes a stand and carrying handle. The P900GX is the ideal and effective solution that will purify up to 900 square feet of space.

P900-GX Benefits

The P900-GX is an easy cost-effective solution for small homes and apartments! This small, but mighty air sterilization system provides you with:
  • A better sleep
  • Protects from airborne germs
  • Reduces common household odors
  • Helps alleviate allergies and flu symptoms
  • Helps control asthma

P900GX Features

  • Eradicates bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Destroys Chemical and biological odors
  • Sanuvox patented system in a portable UV Air Purifier weighing 11 lbs
  • 19 mm Quartz UVC/UVV ‘J’ Lamp (9” arc length)
  • 9 electronically controlled speeds
  • Touch-Pad Digital Controls with Count-Down Time
  • Purify up to 900 square feet
  • Easily wall-mountable, Stand and Handle
  • Lamp Life 3 Years
  • Power Supply 120 VAC
  • 3-year warranty on parts including UV lamp
  • CSA Certified & CE approved
  • Dimensions, width 3.91” x height 11.66” x length 7.5”

Contact our TRI-AIR experts today to provide you with the cleanest possible air in your home!

Clean Air in Any Room P900-GX Portable UV air sterilization system Supplies are very limited, call for pricing
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TRI-AIR Systems provides UVMatrix 4X for commercial HVAC systems to disinfect

UVMatrix UV systems for commercial HVAC systems use UVC light to kill microorganisms on coils, surfaces, and airstream—including mold, flu viruses and bacteria. As HVAC systems work to control indoor climates for temperature and humidity, HVAC operation also tends to contaminate and distribute indoor with allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This is due to bio-growth that occurs on wet cooling coils and other interior surfaces, and from the distribution of allergens, pathogens and particulates that enter the building in one location to every room in the structure as the air is circulated.

UVMatrix™ 4X: Compact design with NEMA 4X rated electrical cabinet for operation outdoors and in wet areas

The 4X-Series UV light system is compact and NEMA 4X rated, so it is ready for outdoor exposure. It is lightweight and easy-to-install with no installation hardware to buy. The cabinet is fibreglass and weather-tight and its UltraMAX UV lamps have a 360° dispersion for maximized airstream disinfection. The 4X’s UltraMAX T3™ UVC lamps (see more below) have an industry-leading two-year life expectancy for surface irradiation.

Ultravation T3™: More disinfection power, less energy used

Ultravation’s T3 design UV-C lamps emit 40% more UV-C, with no additional energy cost. Using economical standard UV lamps, Ultravation achieves the disinfection power of power-hungry high-intensity lamps through their patented lamp system that thermally optimizes each lamp—for more output than is otherwise possible without increased energy consumption.

Disinfection for HVAC coils on roof-top style HVAC systems and other outdoor applications.

Contact us today to learn more about how the UVMatrix 4X can improve indoor air quality, reduce HVAC energy use and cut maintenance costs—at the same time! Contact Us

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