An Overview of Fresh Air Makeup Units

In buildings where air quality is a concern, fresh air makeup units are an ideal solution. By using a mix of recirculated air and fresh air brought in from the outside, these systems keep quality and internal building pressure levels while maintaining incredible energy efficiency. 


The Essential Elements of a Fresh Air Makeup HVAC Unit

Fresh air makeup HVAC units offer buildings a powerful heating and cooling solution with high levels of energy efficiency. Here are some of the key components of your fresh air makeup HVAC unit:

  • Heating and cooling: Essential to any HVAC unit is a heating and cooling system (comprising a compressor and evaporator, plus a fuel element) used to control temperature. How the system controls the temperature varies from unit to unit depending on the preferred method and fuel source.
  • Air conditioning unit: This part of the system conditions the air to be warmer or cooler. Fans pass air through the heating and cooling system and condition it. This air is then distributed throughout the building.
  • Recirculation: Most HVAC systems recirculate some level of air from within the building back through the conditioning unit. This is a way of reducing the need for constant filtration and expending energy by conditioning new air.
  • Intake: The key to a makeup HVAC unit is the introduction of new air into the system. This keeps the internal air quality fresh while also avoiding depressurization. 


Three reasons why a proactive maintenance program (PMP) is the right solution for your fresh air makeup unit: 

  • Long-term reliability: A commercial HVAC unit is a significant investment for any building, so it is important to try and get the most extended life possible. By choosing our PMP, you ensure that your fresh air makeup unit remains in good condition, increasing its estimated lifespan. 
  • Reduced likelihood of serious failure: Waiting until your HVAC system breaks to repair it can cause unforeseen long-term consequences and cost more. By proactively maintaining your unit, you are helping to prevent serious failures from ever happening.
  • Save money on energy: A well-running HVAC unit operates at peak efficiency, using the least energy to produce the highest level of heating or cooling. When it is not properly maintained, efficiency can be reduced, increasing the unit’s power consumption. Preventing this from happening can save your commercial building utilities and maintenance budget thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.

Trust the Commercial HVAC Experts at TRI-AIR to Maintain Your Fresh Air Makeup Units

At TRI-AIR, our expert HVAC technicians bring over 40 years of experience to client servicing. We make it our business to provide the Greater Toronto Area buildings with the most advanced HVAC solutions that leverage leading air quality and energy efficiency technologies. Through our proactive maintenance program, we allow customers to access the best in emergency servicing and repairs as well as preferred hourly rates. All of this combines into a service that will give you the peace of mind to know your building’s heating and cooling system will be operating smoothly when you need it most. We can help you choose the right fresh air makeup units for your building and maintain them promptly.  


To learn more about why customers trust TRI-AIR for their commercial HVAC solutions, call 905-470-2424. You can also contact us online to schedule an inspection or testing or discuss other heating and ventilation-related requirements. 

  1. What are the key components of a fresh air makeup HVAC unit?
    • Explore the essential elements of fresh air makeup HVAC units, including their heating and cooling systems, air conditioning units, recirculation processes, and intake mechanisms.
  2. How do fresh air make-up HVAC units maintain indoor air quality and energy efficiency?
    • Understand how fresh air make-up HVAC systems balance internal air quality and pressure levels by combining recirculated and fresh outdoor air, while still maintaining high energy efficiency standards.
  3. Why is a proactive maintenance program recommended for fresh air makeup units?
    • Learn about the benefits of a proactive maintenance program (PMP) for fresh air makeup units, including increased reliability, reduced risk of serious failures, and energy cost savings.
  4. What expertise does TRI-AIR offer for maintaining fresh air makeup HVAC units?
    • Discover TRI-AIR’s expertise in servicing fresh air makeup units, backed by over 40 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. Learn about their proactive maintenance program, emergency servicing, and preferred hourly rates.
  5. How can I get started with TRI-AIR for selecting and maintaining fresh air makeup units for my building?
    • Find out how to contact TRI-AIR to schedule a consultation, inspection, or testing for fresh air makeup units. Learn how their team can assist with selecting the right units and providing ongoing maintenance tailored to your building’s needs
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