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Benefits of a Commercial Heat Pump for Your Business

Heat Pumps

Benefits of a Commercial Heat Pump for Your Business

Heat Pumps

Companies that continually look for ways to cut costs know that it is imperative to look at all aspects. One important area to consider is your heating and air conditioning system. Many businesses find that their utility bills are among the most expensive of operational expenditures. As costs for energy continue to climb, you need ways to cut costs without leaving your employees, tenants, or visitors feeling uncomfortable indoors. A commercial heat pump is one alternative to your conventional boiler, furnace, or central air unit. This type of HVAC system may be the ideal solution for your bottom line and your building’s indoor comfort.

8 Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump at Your Facility

You will find that your condensers will typically be one of two options – air-cooled or water-cooled. These systems will ensure that your coolant does what it is supposed to. Here is a breakdown of how each work:

  1. Air-Cooled Condenser: These systems use standard airflow for cooling hot refrigerants. The refrigerant flows through a series of tubes and fins. Then a fan forces ambient air through the fins and over the tubes. The excess heat is released into the air and captured in a different part of the building.
  2. Water-Cooled Condenser: Systems like these use water to cool the refrigerant. These will be built with a tube-in-tube, tube-in-shell, or plate-type heat exchanger. Flowing through separate passageways, the refrigerant and cooling water never come in contact with each other. Instead, the water flows over the refrigerant tubes and absorbs excess heat.

How to Know When to Use Air vs. Water-Cooled Condensers

Heat pumps move heat from one place to the next. The result is less electricity use than a conventional electric furnace. If you have considered switching your commercial HVAC system for a heat pump, think about these eight benefits:

    1. Highly Energy Efficient: Heat pumps offer outstanding energy efficiency. They transport heat rather than create it, which takes less oil, electricity, or natural gas than a conventional furnace. Consider this; a heat pump provides around 4 kWh of energy for every 1 kWh electricity power used. That is around a 300-400% efficiency rate.
    2. Reliable: These units are dependable. They take some maintenance but not nearly as much as conventional HVAC systems, and they will last for many years.
    3. Low Carbon Footprint: Heat pumps are environmentally friendly since they draw heat from a renewable source – the ambient air. If you add solar panels, you may find that your heat pump is carbon neutral.
    4. Extremely Safe: The systems are enclosed and less likely to cause a fire and gas leaks. Water within the system is heated to reasonable temperatures, so the chances of someone being scalded are reduced.
    5. Easy to Install and Covered with a Warranty: Reputable HVAC manufacturers offer heat pumps that are fast and easy to install. Additionally, the leading brands back their products up with solid warranties. They may last between 10 and 25 years.
    6. Improved Air Quality: Another benefit is the improved air quality a heat pump provides. They also run quietly and give you much greater control over the interior climate.
    7. Provides Cooling and Heating: You only need one system to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.
    8. Capable of Multi-Zone Control: If one department always feels cold and another feels warm, both can be very comfortable with multi-zone controls.

Source Your Dependable Commercial Heat Pumps from TRI-AIR Systems

Save your company money and reduce energy consumption when you have TRI-AIR Systems install a heat pump system. You will find that the reliability and improved air quality will make many in your building happy. Our HVAC technicians will come in and install your new system, and also maintain it thereafter. Once it is up and running, we offer regular preventative maintenance. You will enjoy many years of heat and cooling comfort. It all starts with a call to our knowledgeable staff today. Don’t wait any longer! 

Call us at 905.470.2424 or contact us online for a commercial heat pump installation, service, or repair.