Benefits of Choosing Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers

If you have a food processing plant, dairy, or brewery, you understand the need to keep your product cold. You need a unit that will quickly cool things down while maintaining efficiency. A common choice among professionals in these industries is a packaged air-cooled chiller. They are comprised of many parts, including a condenser, compressor, and evaporator. They extract heat from the ambient air and use attached fans to push cold air out. With the many different types of air-cooled chillers, you are bound to find exactly what will fit your company’s needs. Remember to work with a qualified and licensed commercial heating and air conditioning company for the best usefulness and longevity.

Why Choose a Packaged Chiller

If you have been sitting on the fence about what type of chiller to purchase, consider these six benefits:

  1. Save You Money: Today’s packaged chillers are installed quickly by a certified team. Other types of chiller systems can take a team much longer and cost you more money. In short, the upfront cost savings is a big plus.
  2. Low Maintenance: These systems have fewer components for you to maintain than water-cooled systems. They don’t have a cooling tower, condenser pump, and other parts. Their simplicity makes them much easier to service and support.
  3. Energy-Efficient: We all want to save money when a piece of equipment is in operation. Packaged air-cooled chillers are energy efficient. For example, they have a feature called an electronically commutated (EC) fan that minimizes energy consumption. In the winter, you get the added benefit of the expelled heat from the cooling process.
  4. Saves Space Inside: Interior space is often at a premium. Packaged air-cooled chillers are housed outdoors. Since they take up less space than a water-cooled system, they are an excellent choice for facilities with limited space. 
  5. Suitable for Water-Sensitive Locations: This option is an excellent alternative if you are located in an area that suffers from droughts or has limited water supplies. You don’t need water to cool things down since the system uses ambient air to cool things down.
  6. Does Not Add to Humidity Levels: Some water-cooled chillers may produce additional moisture for already damp environments, exceeding ideal levels. Since no water is used, air-cooled systems do not add extra humidity to the area.

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