Breathe Easier for Less with Fresh Air in Your Commercial Building
Breathe Easier for Less with Fresh Air in Your Commercial Building

Proper ventilation is vital for any commercial building. Poor inside air quality impacts business much more than most people realize. No one wants to work or live in a structure breathing in stale, recycled air. Additionally, without removing the contaminants, the risk of illness increases. Certain types of businesses, such as hospitals, must meet greater ventilation requirements. Finding suitable options is easier when you work with an experienced HVAC company. Knowledgeable, qualified technicians can assess your situation and offer make-up air (MUA) units to improve inside air quality and comfort. The benefits of MUAs include increased energy savings as they reduce the stress on your HVAC system. What more could you ask for than higher energy efficiency and lower energy bills?

Make-Up Air (MUA) Units Give Your Commercial Building Fresh Air

With the different options available on the market, why should you choose a make-up air system? If you are looking for alternative ways to increase the ventilation in your hospital, long-term care facility, or warehouse, here is an overview of this valuable piece of HVAC equipment:

  1. How It Works: An MUA functions by drawing in fresh, outdoor air that passes through filters and dampers, which regulate the amount of air allowed in. The filters also remove dust, debris, smoke, and other contaminants during this time. Next, the air can be      cooled by mechanical compressors or heated by a gas-fired heat exchanger and then blown into the desired area as tempered air.
  2. Buildings That Benefit from MUAs: Several different types of structures that require increased ventilation will benefit from a make-up air unit, including:
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Affordable multi-family housing
    • Multi-unit residential buildings
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Fitness centres
  3. Incentive Plans: Another benefit of MUAs may come in the form of incentives added to your existing HVAC system in your buildings.

Quality Indoor Air Begins with a Quality Company

Indoor air quality is critical. It aids in keeping people healthy and provides an overall boost to morale. Poor air quality does the exact opposite. Work with a commercial and industrial HVAC company dedicated to your facility’s needs. The highly-trained HVAC team at TRI-AIR Systems makes it happen. We have the experience necessary to install and maintain your ventilation system, including make-up air units. With our Preventative Maintenance Program, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and discomfort. We show up ready to assess the situation and make needed repairs. Our services include installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair. In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you depend on us.  

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