Commercial and Industrial HVAC Retrofits
Commercial and Industrial HVAC Retrofits

Save Money and Energy with Commercial and Industrial HVAC Retrofits 

Replacing an HVAC system presents a couple of challenges if not appropriately planned, as it can disrupt productivity. The disruption may lead to lost revenue if employees cannot perform their duties because of the installation process. Most heating and cooling companies do an excellent job of replacing old equipment, but when the price is prohibitive or may cause disruption to production, an HVAC retrofit is the next best thing.

When Does a Retrofit Make Good Sense for Your Facility?

Well-maintained commercial heating and cooling systems have a functional lifespan of 15-30 years. The exact number of years depends on the brand and style of the HVAC equipment, as well as how it is maintained. The goal of a retrofit project is to integrate new components into your existing system. This is a popular way to improve the performance of your units without having to replace the entire system. Retrofitting may be the perfect option if any of the following issues exist:

  1. The heating and cooling system is over ten years old.
  2. Energy bills have increased substantially without a logical explanation.
  3. You have started receiving an unusual number of complaints about comfort from people in the building.
  4. Your repair bills have increased.
  5. The building has developed issues with indoor air quality.

Standard Retrofit Upgrades Performed on Commercial and Industrial HVAC Networks

No system is built to last forever, and when several years have passed, you will notice lower efficiency, increased frequency of repairs, and loss of comfort. Some of the best equipment suitable for retrofitting includes rooftop units, boilers, and chillers. When talking with your knowledgeable HVAC technicians about a retrofit, they can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Installing CO2 sensors
  • Adding smart temperature and humidity controls
  • Installing cooling capacity and supply fan speed controls
  • Adding condenser fan controls with variable-frequency drive operation
  • Sealing or replacing of ductwork
  • Installing airside economizer
  • Adding demand-controlled ventilation

A retrofit project on your existing network can give you increased energy savings and comfort, reduced repair costs, and increase the lifespan of your HVAC System. On top of these benefits, you can see a quick return on your air comfort investment.

Regain Comfort and Energy Savings with a Retrofit from a Reliable Company

Save money and regain indoor air comfort when you choose TRI-AIR Systems to retrofit your HVAC network. Our experienced technicians know what needs to be done to get your system back to excellent condition. Our outstanding service includes more than just retrofitting. We can easily install, repair, and maintain your heating and cooling system. 

With over 40 years of experience under our belts, you are in good hands with all your commercial heating and cooling needs. When you enroll in our Proactive Maintenance Program, we come in at regularly scheduled times to inspect controls, valves, gauges, and more. You benefit from extending your equipment’s lifespan, keeping repairs to a minimum, and lowering energy costs. 

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