Commercial HVAC Tips for Facility Managers
Commercial HVAC Tips for Facility Managers

Keep Things Running Smoothly – Commercial HVAC Tips for Facility Managers 


Facility managers must continually make decisions regarding the state of their buildings. The heating and cooling network brings the most comfort to employees and may require a lot of time in maintenance. Some facility managers take a stance that if nothing is broken, leave it alone. That approach may have worked in the past, but today’s work environment demands a proactive versus a reactive approach to air quality and comfort. By choosing to be proactive and work with a quality HVAC company, the occupants will be more comfortable and productive. This is one way to create a win-win situation for your company.

What You Need to Consider for Increased Comfort within Your Facility

One area that facility managers should focus on is increasing the air quality and comfort within the factory or warehouse during the summer months. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Increase Current Ventilation: Air quality is paramount to a healthier work area. To get the best quality, good ventilation with proper filtration and the correct amount of exhausted air is key to removing tonnes of contaminants within the air. The goal is to increase the flow of outside air and decrease the demand for recirculated air. Good indoor air quality leads to better productivity. It also shows current and prospective employees that you care about their health, which is important for long-term growth, recruiting, and retaining great talent.
  2. Be Aware of the Effects of Summer Heat: Summer’s rising temperatures increase the ambient temperature within a manufacturing plant. Equipment and tools already produce heat during their operation. Summertime heat makes it worse and threatens productivity. The hotter it gets within your plant, the less your employees feel like working. Ensuring you have a combination of intake and exhaust fans is one step toward better comfort and regaining productivity. 
  3. Investigate Air Conditioning Options: Central air conditioning systems use vapour compression/direct expansion (DX) cooling to bring great comfort to homes and offices. This doesn’t work well in a manufacturing setting as the processes within the plant keep ambient temperatures high. The cost to run a DX system is higher than other types of cooling options. You do have choices, such as chilled water systems. Keep in mind that the upfront capital investment to install chiller plants and pumps may be cost-prohibitive for some companies. 
  4. Utilize Nature’s Cooling Methods: It’s possible to cool a factory or warehouse by taking a page from Mother Nature’s book—the power of evaporation. A 2-stage evaporative cooling system uses an indirect heat exchanger with a direct evaporative module to lower indoor temperatures. Using this design, you can get a high-quality product that provides a healthier work environment without costing a fortune.

Increase Summertime Comfort with Help from a Preferred HVAC Company

Actively seek solutions to beat the summer heat with help from TRI-AIR Systems. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians can assess your facility and provide options to bring down the warm temperatures. We offer many HVAC services for a smooth-running system, including maintenance, repairs, and installations. Look to us and our four decades of customer satisfaction record to keep your facility cool and comfortable.

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