Commercial Mini-Split Systems – Advice from Your Local HVAC Pros at TRI-AIR

Warehouses, offices, restaurants, and retail shops can benefit from a highly energy-efficient mini-split air conditioner system. Most people believe that this handy product is only for residential areas. That is not the case. Instead, you will find that a commercial mini-split unit can bring much comfort to your place of business. Keep your employees smiling comfortably when you invest in quality HVAC systems and professional maintenance services!

How Commercial Mini-Splits Help Your Facility Stay Comfortable

If you are looking for new avenues to make your facility cooler, consider the mini-split air conditioner with these features and benefits:

  1. Simple Components: While it is not self-contained like a window air conditioner, a mini-split unit doesn’t require ductwork to operate. These units are comprised of an outdoor condensing unit, refrigerant lines, and indoor air handlers. The indoor air handlers can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, floor, or even concealed.
  2. Key Advantages: These are popular alternatives to traditional systems, and their advantages include:
    • Energy efficiency for your indoor comfort 
    • You can cool one or more rooms or “zones” with a well-chosen configuration of indoor air handlers
    • Less noise than traditional units because the compressor is housed outside
    • No ductwork required, so you don’t have to clean dirty ducts and lose efficiency
  3. Variety of Uses: An experienced technician can assist you with addressing your needs. You can use a mini-split system for several different applications, such as:
    • Enclose part of a larger space, such as turning a section of your shop into a breakroom for employees to relax in
    • Control the climate of a workshop, automotive garage, or a warehouse manager’s office 
    • Avoid running ductwork in new additions to existing facilities, thereby cutting costs 
    • Keep employees and patrons comfortable in a restaurant, pub, or retail shop 

While the mini-split option is an excellent choice for many enterprises, it may not be the best choice every time. For example, if you have existing ductwork for a central heating and air conditioning system, it may be more cost-effective to replace it with a more efficient unit, instead of installing a mini-split. Your TRI-AIR technician can help you decide on the best option for your commercial space.

Seek Advice from Knowledgeable and Experienced HVAC Technicians

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