Common Issues with HVAC Systems in Factories
Common Issues With HVAC Systems In Factories

Nothing is worse than working in a hot factory all day because the air conditioning went out. It happens, and it makes for grumpy employees. Many factors affect the efficiency of an HVAC system. They are subject to heavy loads, and much is demanded of them. Wear and tear will cause issues to arise that can lead to breakdowns. Factories need consistent air quality to help employees do their job well. 

Common HVAC Problem Areas in Need of Attention

Keeping a factory cool in the summer and warm in the winter takes some hard-working equipment. Even the best HVAC equipment will lose its effectiveness or break down over time. Here are 8 common areas that need routine maintenance and service:

  1. Compressor: At the core of an HVAC system is the compressor. It powers both the heating and cooling portions of your system. When these act up, everything is affected. Most of the time, they will leak, which prevents efficient operation.
  2. Condenser: Clogged and dirty coils prevent air from flowing through the condenser coil causing the refrigerant pressure and temperature to increase above design operating conditions that can damage the system and compressor. Regular cleaning will help prevent buildup and keep the system operating properly.
  3. Condenser Fan: Sometimes, condenser fans face issues with misdirected airflow, bad connections, wiring, or overheating from a dirty condenser coil.
  4. Economizer: The Economizer operates when the ambient temperature drops below 12 degrees Celsius, keeping the compressor off and providing “free cooling” from the ambient air. Common issues with the economizer are sensor and damper motor failures. Preventative maintenance can alleviate this issue.
  5. Evaporator: Dirt interferes with heat transfer and then prevents the evaporator coil from working as it should. Dust and dirt on air filters can affect the evaporator and dirt buildup on the coils. 
  6. Evaporator Fan: When the evaporator motor fails to work, it is often because of a locked motor, electrical failure, and bearing noise. You will notice a change in the fan’s speed, which may mean a belt came loose.
  7. Electrical: An electrical issue can be caused by loose electrical connections or worn out components of the system. Overheating wires can lead to safety concerns such as fire and damaged equipment. 
  8. Housing: Holding everything together is the housing. Often, the panel insulation is missing, panels fit poorly, or are bent. Luckily, it is much easier to spot issues within the housing than in other areas.

Catch Small Issues Before they Become Unmanageable – Schedule Preventative Maintenance

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