Tips to Keep Your Retail Store Cooler During Summer
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Most people like to get out in the summertime. They want to shake off the winter chills and enjoy the heat that comes with the warmer temperatures. That means they will venture out more and end up in your store. That’s great for you! It means sales go up. As summer gets hotter, however, many people prefer to stay home in the cool, resulting in lower foot traffic. Those venture out may find their way into your shop as a way to duck out of the sun. How do you keep shoppers perusing through your goods and wares? Make your retail store a haven for overheated patrons when you keep things cool and enlist the help of a qualified HVAC company.


3 Ways to Keep Your Retail Store Cool

It’s possible to keep things more relaxed and comfortable in your store by utilizing these three ideas:

  1. Have the HVAC System Inspected before Summer Begins: Your air conditioning has sat unused, letting winter weather affect the unit all winter long. Before you switch the thermostat to ‘Cool,’ remember to hire an experienced HVAC technician to come in and inspect your system. In addition to an inspection, consider how you keep the air conditioning unit shaded. Remember to replace filters at least every three months and utilize programmable thermostats to keep cool air only when you need it. Finally, remember to have the system inspected and winterized at the end of the season.
  2. Reduce Heat Sources: Heat comes from a variety of sources. For example, machinery, office equipment, and light bulbs. You may not have heavy machinery in your store, but you probably have cash registers, computers, and copiers. Turning these items off when not in use will also keep the heat down. Making the switch to LED lightbulbs will save energy and lower the heat. Incandescent and fluorescent lights give off quite a bit of heat within your store – more than you may realize.
  3. Take Advantage of Easy Tricks: Depending on your shop’s location and setup, you may try some different tricks. For example, close off any unused areas by shutting the door or closing off vents. Install blinds or shades in windows to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your store. You might try an awning as well.

Entice Shoppers to Stop by Your Cooled Retail Shop

Beat summer’s heat and encourage customers to step in when you keep your store cool with help from TRI-AIR Systems. Our highly-trained HVAC team makes it happen. We have the experience necessary to keep your system up and running smoothly all season long. Depend on us to answer your questions and offer the best solutions for your air cooling needs. We offer many services, including installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair. We even answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about our services when you contact us today!

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  1. How to Keep Your Shop Cool in Summer?
    • Regular HVAC Checkup: Schedule pre-summer inspections with HVAC experts to ensure your cooling system runs efficiently.
    • Reduce Heat Sources: Turn off unused equipment and switch to LED lights to minimize heat production inside your shop.
    • Simple Cooling Tricks: Close off unused areas, use blinds or awnings to block sunlight, and maintain good ventilation for a cooler store. For expert cooling solutions, contact TRI-AIR Systems today.
  2. Why is it so important to keep my retail store cool during the summer?
    Maintaining a cool store during the summer is like offering a welcoming oasis for your customers. It’s about creating a comfy and inviting shopping experience that encourages people to stay longer and explore your goods, ultimately boosting your sales.
  3. How can I get my HVAC system ready for the summer season?
    Before the summer heat sets in, it’s a great idea to have a seasoned HVAC technician give your cooling system a thorough checkup. Think of it as a spa day for your air conditioner! Plus, you can enhance its efficiency by shading the unit, keeping filters fresh, and using smart thermostats.
  4. What makes TRI-AIR Systems a trustworthy choice for my HVAC needs?
    TRI-AIR Systems isn’t just any HVAC team; they’re the friendly experts who’ve got your back. They specialize in keeping your cooling system humming along during the hottest months, offering everything from installation to emergency repairs. You can count on them because they’re there for you 24/7, just like your favorite store should be.
  5. How can I reach out to TRI-AIR Systems to discuss my air conditioning needs?
    Getting in touch with TRI-AIR Systems is as easy as a summer breeze. Simply give them a call at 905.470.2424, or drop them a message online through their website. They’re always here to chat about air conditioning installations, services, or repairs,  for your retail haven!
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