When to Choose a Rooftop Air Conditioner for Your Business

Heating and cooling your commercial space is vital to maximizing everyone’s comfort. The market provides a vast choice of different types of HVAC systems. There are split systems where a central air conditioner contains two components, and then you have a separate heating unit. Another option is an energy-efficient rooftop air conditioner that not only cools but also heats your area. It also is an optimal means of controlling the interior climate without disrupting inhabited spaces. Enjoy all the benefits of rooftop air conditioners installed by qualified HVAC technicians, including a compact footprint, noise control, and much more.

5 Reasons to Choose a Rooftop Air Conditioner

When your job requires you to make the best decision for your facility while staying within budget, a rooftop air conditioner may be the answer. These robust systems provide what you need to ensure all inhabitants are comfortable while still offering energy efficiency. Here are five reasons you may want to choose to put your HVAC system on your roof:

  1. They Take Up Very Little Space: When space is precious within your building, a rooftop AC unit is the way to go. You save room where you need it, and your facility still gets the heating and cooling it needs. The roof tends to be the least used area of commercial space, making it a perfect place to place an HVAC unit.
  2. They Are Easy to Install and Maintain: These are known as package units which means they are all-in-one heating and cooling systems in a single cabinet. Since only one unit does it all, installing it is much easier. Also, your technician can make repairs easily since they can move around the unit to access control panels. 
  3. They Do Not Cause Much Noise Pollution: Everything is up on the roof and removed from being around the interior space where clients, customers, and tenants operate. They will not hear the noise that HVAC units can make. The interior remains calm and inviting. 
  4. They Are Energy Efficient: Rooftop AC units are manufactured to cool a vast place efficiently. Cool air from the unit naturally sinks toward the floor, which means less energy is used to move air. You can put in new modules as you need to add more power or upgrade – no need for lengthy and expensive overhauls.
  5. You Can Control the Air Quality: You can invest in many different customization options to control the indoor air quality. Make the humidity levels what you need and allow fresh air to flow when you want.

Choose TRI-AIR Systems for All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

Knowing what the best system is for your commercial facility can be daunting. When you speak to the knowledgeable staff at TRI-AIR Systems, you have a partner in your commercial HVAC needs. We will happily answer your questions and ensure you get what you need. Your building will be comfortable, and you can breathe easier knowing we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more! Ask us about our HVAC maintenance program as well.

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  1. Why should I choose a rooftop air conditioner for my commercial space?
    • Rooftop air conditioners are an excellent choice for commercial spaces due to their compact footprint, which saves valuable indoor space. They also offer efficient heating and cooling, easy installation and maintenance, minimal noise pollution, and customizable air quality control.
  2. Are rooftop AC units difficult to install and maintain?
    • No, rooftop AC units, also known as package units, are relatively easy to install and maintain. Since they are all-in-one systems contained within a single cabinet, installation is simplified. Maintenance is also convenient as technicians can easily access control panels on the rooftop, making repairs efficient.
  3. How do rooftop air conditioners contribute to energy efficiency and noise control in commercial buildings?
    • Rooftop air conditioners are designed for energy efficiency, cooling large areas effectively. They utilize natural air movement, with cool air sinking towards the floor, reducing the energy required to circulate air. Placing the units on the roof also minimizes noise pollution within the interior space, maintaining a calm and inviting environment for occupants.
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